Fresh from Food Basket Farm to EITS Café


EITS Café, acronym for “Europe In The Summer”, offers an exquisite dining experience. From our own Food Basket Farm  EITS Café incorporates Fresh Salad greens, Herbs and Produce into delectable dishes, in a fusion of European and Jamaican cuisine…

From Fresh Mixed Green/ Kale Salad to Herbed Barrel Roasted Chicken, Pork, Fish; to name a few- we are proud to provide a wide range of Delish EITS including soups, appetizers, salads, main courses and dessert.

Our Sunday Lunch is something that has grown beautifully over the last few months. Kingston residents often visit the EITS Café for their Sunday Lunch and to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing afternoon.

The menu changes weekly so keep posted!



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